People usually seek out therapy because aspects of their lives are not working and they don’t know how to “make it better.” Many issues draw people to therapy... 

  • Relationship problems 
  • Difficulty recovering from a trauma or loss; saying to onself, ”Why can’t I get over this?...When will I feel normal?” 
  • Fear, anxiety, or panic interfering with day-to-day functioning and the ability to realize goals
  • A desire for insight into one’s self, gifts, and path
  • Negative beliefs and patterns (conscious and unconscious) preventing one from performing better or feeling more fulfilled
  • Confusion about the causes of one’s pain, distress or disinterest

And often people arrive at therapy struggling with a combination of concerns. If you are seeking positive changes in your life, I believe that I can help. 

I work with adults and adolescents to help them overcome obstacles and move in the direction of healing and change. Compassion, honesty, and humor are key aspects of my approach.

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